Tired of repainting your home? Bad experience with an inferior siding product? Choose a virtually maintenance free product. Insulated vinyl and fiber cement siding provide lasting beauty and energy efficiency.


Highdensity insulation combines with a beautiful and robust cedargrain vinyl panel


HardiePlank Siding is made from a fiber board and is known for its durability and strength


Think of the dream styles and looks siding makes possible. There is traditional lap wood style insulated vinyl siding. Fiber cement gives limitless architectural results. Realize your desires and dreams. Create a lasting impression.

  • Insulated Vinyl Siding - The thickest vinyl siding made. Safeguarded with a high density thermoplastic polymer insulation and moisture barrier. Has the rigidity of wood and feels like milled lumber.
  • Fiber Cement - Engineered specific to the environment and the most environmental option. Known for its indestructible properties and available in different textures including stucco.

Each offers its own unique styles and combinations. Sure, there's other exterior finishes and facades. None beat them in cost, beauty, energy efficiency and durability. Get lower heating and cooling bills in spring, summer, fall and winter.


To secure quality and the utmost protection to your home's structure, choose professional installation with All Phase Home Services. Ask about replacing your windows at the same time.

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Timeless beauty, protection and security are important. Get it with insulated vinyl and fiber cement siding. Brick, stucco and wood cladding have their differences. However, siding presents the most benefits and options.

  • Won't peel, chip or blister
  • Full UV ray protection to stop fading
  • No denting, cracking, warping, buckling, sagging or shifting
  • No swelling, rotting, mold or water damage from humidity and moisture
  • Home frame shielded and not a habitat for termites or other insects
  • Maintains its beauty and durability for decades
  • Keeps your home cool and energy bills down
  • Minimal impact on your wallet upfront and yearly
  • Withstand tornadoes with 200+mph winds
  • Minimum maintenance

Enjoy the beauty for years to come. Sleep better knowing you have value. Not to mention, you also get:

  • Horizontal lap, vertical, shingle, scallop and other designs
  • Perfection and elegance with clean rigid lines
  • Traditional, contemporary, high end, country and vintage architectural styles
  • Most cost effective and quick way to update, enhance and transform curb appeal
  • 82 - 99% Return on investment


Today's siding is unmatched in quality. Surpassing the look of wood, it has the longevity of brick. The return on investment, continues to rise - increasing 10% 2014-2015. Number one building material for 20 years straight.


Overall, both options are great for any home. They provide beauty and protect the overall structure. Fiber cement presents more options. This also results in slightly higher costs. However, the return on investment and total lifespan offset this. Check out Table 1 for a comparison.

Applying siding or residing a home doesn't take long. Improper handling and installation compromises the product. It is highly recommended only a trusted professional handle installation.

Maintenance Light Cleaning None
Cost Low Low-Middle
Insulation Highest Highest
Lifespan 40+ Yrs 75+ Yrs
Installation Quickest Quick
ROI 82-86% 98-99%
Colors 14-21 Unlimited

There are a lot of bad choices. Two siding options represent the worst - giving siding in general a bad rap. What two? Aluminum and wood composite siding.

Aluminum Siding
We've all heard of aluminum siding for decades. Repairs are common and expensive. Aluminum siding is known for denting, corrosion, water stains and poor adhesion.

Think how easy cola cans dent. Imagine flying debris in storms. Aluminum siding has backing and is thicker. However, the difference is marginal. Matching color and size with replacement pieces is hard.

Wood Composite Siding
Wood composite is cheaper than traditional wood. However, it has the same negatives as wood. There is continued maintenance, e.g., painting, refinishing. Humidity causes swelling and cracking. Woodpeckers love it.

Ever get particle board wet? Notice the immediate expansion and damage? Wood composite isn't much different once the protective finish is gone.

Once siding is malformed, water damage isn't far behind. Termites and rotting to the house's structure follow. Ignoring repairs and water damage cost thousands.


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"If you are thinking of replacing windows, I wanted to share what an excellent job All Phase did. We love our new windows with the film. I like natural light, but our home office was blinding in the morning. Now, you can actually see the computer screen."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the vinyl window industry?

Vinyl window technology came to the United States in the late 1960's. The original vinyl windows were developed and brought to a high level of quality in Europe in the 1950's.

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